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Kat Aclysm

*”Oh I see… I should have guessed that saving the ass of his children would have been the motivator…”* Zach seemed almost dissapointed. *”It’s not on the Black Market. Not yet, because I’ve made damn sure of that. The other doctors have been watching me closely so I can’t do much… but what I’m growing, mom. I modified it. I’ve changed the way it operates… if you inject it with a simple surfactant compound I found in the supermarket, the stuff can no longer cell divide and manifest itself over the host any more. It’s in everything here, so if they’ve taken my grown cells from the building here, they’ve never been able to brew any of their own…”*

He seemed excited now. *”I always wanted to use it as a cure for things like paralysis because of it’s tissue repair properties… but if Sephiroth approves it, that can be a side project of mine. Please talk to him, mom! And send Seres here if he approves.”*

Sephiroth snorted very loudly. “I’ve never permitted any assistants to do anything like this!” He glared at her. “I wasn’t even going to consider it with you at first.”