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Kat Aclysm

The elf raised his head and grinned as Desiree kissed him. “How long was I gone for? Not long, I hope…” He moved his arms around Orpheus and patted his back in an effort to keep the boy calm. “Yes, it’s a friend, short guy.”

Kalysto then shook his head at Seferia’s comment. “H-hey hey… it wasn’t intentional, let me assure you!” He flicked his ears back, looking pissed. “It’s like this – I was minding my own business and then the next thing I knew, this huge-ass dragon took over my mind, then got off on me. Then she was like, here’s an egg. It’s your progeny. And I’m going to kick your ass six ways to the Nether if you don’t raise it…”

Milena inched ever closer, then reached out to bump Seferia’s flank with her snout. The unfamiliar scent and size of the dragon worried her, but not enough to scare her off.