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Kat Aclysm

The apprentice eyed the bag of seeds, lifting it up to examine it properly. He opened the top, frowning. “These look like ordinary garden-weed seeds.. what’s so rare about them?” He glanced to the back of the shop and sighed. “Let me show these to Sir Morficint… he’ll be mad at being woken up though.”

He gave a formal bow. “Please, excuse me for one moment.” And then he dissapeared into the back of the shop.

Kalysto flicked an ear. *”Push for two if you can. It would be nice to take one back to get disenchanted… maybe Rhyderi would be able to tell me how to make them for myself. I am no glass-blower, though.”*

General Sephiroth moved to push her back towards the bed. “Do I look or sound like I am oblivious to things right now?” He chuckled. “Mmm.. you smell good.” He reached up to caress her face, moving his head in to kiss her once more. “I think I finally forgive you for dragging us away from where we were supposed to be…”