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Kat Aclysm

“I don’t care about his personality. He’s a nice piece of male.” The Mage gave Seferia a rather lopsided grin and reached out to pat Kalysto on the rump. “Who wouldn’t want that? I mean look at him. He’s young. He still has a baby-face.” He purred. “And he has a tight ass. Believe me, I would know.”

Kalysto glared rather openly, lowering his head. Though whether he was more irritated at the fact that he was being talked about openly like a piece of meat, or the fact that Seferia seemed like she was going to follow him, it was impossible to tell.

“Fairenn,” He hissed at the Mage. “Do me a favour – shut up? Go head to the Sunfury Spire… I need a Lead Enchanted Vial. They won’t know what the fuck you’re talking about so you have to push them about it.” He flicked an ear at Seferia. “Yes, I have somewhere I need to be.”

General Sephiroth eyed the bottle, smirking. “Actually there is enough alchohol in here to kill a man.” He paused. “At least that is what my implants are telling me.”

He sat down on the bed beside Noemi and popped the clear lid off his Sundae container. Then he dipped his finger in the vanilla sauce and smeared it on her cheek.