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Kat Aclysm

“Oh yeah, just blurt it out in the middle of the open…” Kalysto furrowed his brows, loudly sighing. He gave the Mage an apologetic look, then glared at Seferia once more. “Don’t make it widely known, or I’ll come back on a regular basis to make your life a living hell.”

The Mage scratched his head and glanced off to one side, folding his arms across his chest. “So you decided you liked women after all, huh? Guess I’m not needed around here.”

Kalysto snorted at the Mage again. “Oh be quiet! It’s over, it’s all said and done. Now go find yourself another young impressionable male to go after.” He grunted at Seferia. “Sorry for the abrupt departure, but I have somewhere I need to be.

General Sephiroth stopped in the hallway. He shook his head and walked back into the restaurant to snatch up his liquor bottle, leaving once more. He walked back down the hallway rather briskly. The male knew how fast ice-cream could melt and he did not want to waste time. He headed back for Noemi’s quarters, reaching them not too long afterwards.

“Ah, good to be back.” He mused. “So do you want to get it on now, or wait until I partially finish this?”