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Kat Aclysm

Kalysto slowly got to his feet, groaning. Both ears were heavily pinned back as he wiped the slobber off his face and he snorted at the other ‘elf’ as he dusted off his robe.

“How have things been here?” He asked, readjusting his sleeves and gloves. His hood was also misaligned so he pulled it back over his face, scowling. He hoped he at least looked evil and scary. However, he also knew that Seferia knew otherwise.

Another male followed Seferia out of the inn, a male clad in Mage attire. He had spikey brown hair and tainted eyes that didn’t glow nearly as brightly as Kalysto’s. He stood a few inches taller than the Warlock, and was certainly more heavy-set and broad in the shoulders.

“Well, look at you!” A loud laugh escaped him as he stood on the other side of Kalysto, reaching out to whack his shoulder. “Baby is finally growing up. Where have you been anyway? Hanging out in the desert with your Troll buddies again? Trying to get down with the voo-doo?”

“Oh shut up…” Kalysto hissed at him.

General Sephiroth cleared his throat as the waitress brought a rather neat looking plastic dome container, the ice-cream sundae inside of it. He nodded at her and headed for the exit, smirking.

“I wouldn’t talk so loud if I were you,” He told Noemi as he left. “People could hear us.”