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Jenna paused as the elf vanished from sight. Blinking, she moved closer to the spot where he vanished from before she leaned in to poke the orb.

“Hrmph, clever little creatures. Not too impressive, but clever.”

She then shrugged before she scanned for Kalysto’s life pattern. Within a few moments, she teleported to his side. However, she remained hidden in the in between dimension that she had slipped into. Still, Kalysto would be able to see her spectre form, since she hadn’t removed the bit of her spell that made her visible only to him.

Shaking her head, Noemi grinned at the General.

“Why must I give you so much direction? Drink to your contentment. I already bought the bottle.” She waved to the bottle of liquor that had been given to the General. “Just don’t drink so much that you will be sick.”