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~You can talk to me because I am choosing to let it be so. I can make it so that you can see me as well, though I would appear to be ghost-like to you. As I said, I am at a frequency just below your sense of reality, so I am actually here, but I am not.~

As Kalysto reached the city, she landed next to him before she modified her spell to make herself visible to only him. As she had stated, she appears to be a spectre and semi-transparent as she made herself visible.

“As for other magically-inclined individuals,” Jenna continued, “while it may be plausible for them to sense me, I highly doubt it. Most beings don’t even know about sub-frequencies. Even then, they’d have to be one hell of a magic-user.”


“Now, that isn’t something that I would have expected from you, General,” Noemi commented. “With all your toughness, I would think it’d take you quite a bit to get drunk.”