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Jenna released another snort before she took to the air in her more draconic form once more. She swooped down to fly over Kalysto before she responded, ~You fought Sesshou, I recall you being there. Did you not recall that her “physical form” was nothing more than decayed organic material? She was an energy being that could only manipulate matter in order to interact with the physical world.

~As for zombies, yes, I’ve seen planets infested with them. Sadly, they are not a unique concept to your world. However, most zombies are mindless and only victims of a viral infection or something like that. It all is quite annoying.~

Noemi chuckled at the General before she shook her head.

“Yes, of course. That makes it an unwilling event,” the Captain teased. “Anyway, you stated that they call you a cheap drunk. That doesn’t match up with the description you gave me earlier.”