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~Well, I was standing just next to you, if that is what you were asking. However, now I’m flying above you,~ Jenna responded. ~However, if you are asking what “plane” I’m currenty in, it would be none of the above. There are sub-frequencies that are just below the existence that you know of reality. Some would term being in this place as being “stuck” or in “limbo”. For, while I am in your reality, I am not at the same time either. Does that fog things up enough for you?~

“Really? Hrmph, I’m surprised,” Noemi muttered. “I would think they would not want you drinking either. I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t have programmed something in your behavior modification programs to keep you from getting drunk.”

The captain sighed then shook her head. “As for removing the programming, I suppose I can have it done. However, I see no reason to do it. There’s no benefit to being able to booze it up, as far as I see. So, I’m fine as is.”