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Noemi released a soft chuckle at the General’s comments. Shaking her head, she reached over to caresses his cheek.

“Oh, it was just what our skills made us best at. You’d go stir-crazy if you had to be on a ship for years at a time,” the captain commented.

She then straightened her posture as her soup arrived. Nodding with appreciation, she shifted so that the soup could be set down in front of her. Soon after, she began to tuck into the food.


Jenna nodded at Kalysto before she lead him to the back yard. Once there, she circled around a bit to insure that the area was safe. Upon deciding that everything was fine, she closed her eyes and formed a portal to Kalysto’s home world. Thus, within a few moments, a portal to the outskirts of the Troll village that she had visited before would be formed.