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Noemi rolled her eyes at the General once more. Sighing, she decided to give up on reasoning with him. Instead, she turned her attention to the kitchen area where there food was being prepared. Within five minutes, the appetizer came out and was placed on the table. So, she reached over to begin dipping her chips into the dip.


Jenna frowned at Kalysto’s words. She then hissed to him, “You’ll be married soon, if you go through with all of this. So, here’s a lesson you should learn well. Communication between couples is very important.”

With that said, she walked over to the bathroom so that she could talk through the door to Sephiroth.

“The elf here wants to return to his home planet for a short time to take care of business. He needs a way back, so I must accompany him. Do you want to stay here with the children or come with me?”