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Noemi looked up as the General neared her location. As he snatched away her paper, she tilted her head to the side before she grinned and shrugged.

“If you desired the latrine duty schedule so much, you could have just asked,” Noemi smoothly commented before she stood up to move closer to the General. “And I am implying that your job has a lot of idle moments in it. Meanwhile, mine is constant.”

She then glanced toward the side room as she heard an irritated squawk followed by the rattling of a cage. Chuckling, she looked over at the General before she waved to the side-room.

“Can you make yourself useful and feed Kut-Ku?”

Desiree took notice of Kalysto’s activities. However, she was mostly busy with her own duties such as feeding the children. So, she didn’t take any time to stop Kalysto’s packing and ask him what he was doing. Furthermore, she trusted the elf, whether that choice was wise or not, so she felt no need to interrogate him.