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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth growled now, almost insulted. *”My knowledge is more than the mere sum of their programming and work!”* He huffed aloud, scaring the Medical Staff member working over him. *”How could you even suggest that? Do you think I spent years of training and learning, when the data could have been inputted in five minutes? No!”*

“General, sir,” The medical staff member said calmly. “Please rest – you are not well. Your heart-rate is increasing. I am also getting raised adrenaline readings.” He continued to work, trying to use the devices he had nearby to lull Sephiroth into a sleepy state. It worked after a few moments and he stepped back, reached into his box to take out a syringe, and then injected his patient with the fluid inside.

“His mind is trying to reconfigure to some drastic changes. Give him three days for the new neural connections to take. Until then he could be disorientated, dizzy, nauseous, or even out cold every now and then. You best keep him rested until he feels better.” He began to pack up his things. “They don’t normally make so many changes at once.” The male sighed. “His implants are also beginning to show the first signs of wear. He may need them replaced in a number of years.”