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Kat Aclysm

Edgeworth: *reaches out to take the pencil from Dimitri, then nods in approval* Ah, a good choice. *he takes out a piece of paper and begins to mark it with the red colour pigment, making an inch-sized blotch. He then packs the pencils away, tears off the square and places it into the inner top pocket of his coat jacket* Let me print out this document for you now… *glances around the table, frowning* Oh, I don’t recall… you brought me a salad. Did you bring tea as well?

Sephiroth: *was sitting in his office, looking rather bored but heavily into what he is working on. When the door is flung open he inadvertantly sends a telepathic shockwave out from his person, which knocks all of the stuff off his desk, as well as things hanging on walls. He glares at the mess around him, then at the new arrival in the doorway, snorting* You could have used the intercom. Hell, you could have knocked! What do you want? *grumbles, very unhappy at being disturbed in such an abrupt manner*