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Dimitri: *softly* Sorry, just seen many people fight for real. Know when they hold weapons wrong and have bad stances. *grins* Maybe I’ll take you to see my father spar some time. It’s fun to watch. *he examines the tv again* This show not too bad. Just they make silly mistakes. *Thus, he’d happily drink the hot chocolate and watch the DVD with Edgeworth until he’s finally ready to retreat home, feeling that he had sufficiently avoided his father’s dinner*

Time passes relatively quickly given that there is constantly something to be done on the island nation. Before any of Sephiroth’s family really noticed, it was Christmas season. Jenna took particular note to the season by spotted that families left over from the American Samoa part of their island have decorated their houses with strange lights. However, she isn’t too bothered since she could actively document the evolution of such traditions just by having lived through enough Earth Christmases to know how things are.

Dimitri had finally given up the names of all those that bothered him within a few days of the assault that lead to him holding to a pole on the hotel. Thus, several boys and their families were deported from Mideel.

Furthermore, Dimitri had talked Jenna into removing him from the standard schooling in the area. Instead, Jenna has paid for private tutors for him and any of her other children that don’t want to bother with the school provided by public systems. If Sephiroth objected to the expense at all, Jenna would have just decided to sell some of the treasures she collected through her life to pay for the education.

Dimitri has also been more than happy to work as Edgeworth’s assistant. He’s also stated to form a rather solid understanding of the legal systems.

Also, if approached, Jenna would have refused giving humans the schematics to the AI, Centra, stating that Artificial Intelligences have an inherit flaw: they are intelligent and thus always form personalities. However, she would release any schematics for holograms and such technology. She also would have given Edgeworth more sophisticated access terminals for Centra if asked, mostly since Dimitri would also beg to her as well.