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Kat Aclysm

Mahret: *”Don’t bite wire. It send electric magic at you.”*

Sephiroth: What am I working on… *glances down at his papers, then back at Dimitri* A new nation is going to be forged soon. We are going to become an officially recognised country. President Rufus will be it’s leader. We are going to be a country free of prejudice. It will be a safe place for elves, psychics, those with inborn magic abilities, those who use materia, all who came from Gaia before, all who were special on Earth and so on. This place also needs infrastructure. Housing. More roads. More facilities. Businesses, plumbing, jobs, everything you can think of that makes a society thrive. I also need that lawyer to draw up many details… it’s going to be a busy week.