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All the wards on the dragon are meant to torture it, and would not bother anyone even if they poked it forever. However, no amount of scratching would damage the writing that mars the dragon’s hide now.

Desiree: Hey! I’m allowed to be concerned about you. *she then glances at Arte* Zulmire… how is Arte just cooking as if there isn’t a bloody mess right here?!

Jenna: *tilts her head back to give Edgeworth a very bored look. As she does this, a small bit of entrail drips off her shoulder and into her cleavage* I cannot answer for what ShinRa may or may not decide concerning any protections over my activities. However, I can say that I have no intentions of staying here and discussing much of anything. I also can tell you that I know that you are my son’s hero, I’m certain of this. So, whatever you did must have crushed him. Deal with him, then confront me if you wish. *she begins walking toward the hallway*