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Jenna: *groans as she wakes up. She stares at the ground for several minutes, trying to focus her eyes. She then blinks as she looks up at Zach* Zach..? *her voice cracks a bit and she tilts her head* What are you doing here?

The “dead” elder was put on display as a warning to all lesser dragons. The dragon, that had been disguised as the pope, also ruled over the Dragon council due to his immense power of influence and magic. While his spot in the council was previously envied and desired by many, none would have dared to challenge the ancient dragon. Hence, Jenna’s display is meant to say to any dragon that challenges Mideel that the same will happen to them.

Desiree: I don’t know, Kalysto. *she finishes getting dressed* Let’s just go. *she gathers up Orpheus, intending to bring the children with them. Soon enough, she straps both Orpheus and Milena into the SUV*