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Kat Aclysm

Rhyderi: *has just finished his patrols for the day and prepares to head back to the barracks. He stares at the open portal, familiar with what they are thanks to the Blood-Mages in Sin’Dorei society, but because he hasn’t seen one in such a long time, he is intruiged to go over and look. He peers into it, not understanding it to be much different from a Mage Portal. He is sucked into it and falls into a heap out the other side, banging and clattering on the ground like falling pots and pans*

Zach: *leaves the house, heading for the ShinRa Building. He marches inside, then heads straight for Edgeworth’s office, kicking the door open* What the hell did you do to my little brother!?

Edgeworth: *glares at the sudden intrusion, very unhappy* I did nothing to him!