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Reno: *kneels down next to Rude and pats his back. He then glances at Edgeworth* Hey, don’t sweat it. We’re TURKs. *grins* We breathe this stuff. But thanks anyway, yo.

Jenna: *stands up, intending to leave the area. However, she stops as a SOLDIER touches her shoulder so that he can thank her for helping him win his bet. With only a brief growl as warning, she grips onto the man’s forearm them flips him onto his back* Do not tush me. *snorts then walks out of the room*

Desiree: *briefly glances over at Kalysto then shrugs* Eh, don’t worry about it. Rhyderi isn’t too smart anyway, now is he? *grins then stops in front of their old house* Well, here we are. Ready?