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Kat Aclysm

Kalysto: *happily whistles to herself as she steps out of the house, then climbs into the passenger seat of the SUV, getting comfy*

Zach: *”Yeah, want me to come by now?”* *picks up his keys and walks out of the house, heading towards Desiree and Kalysto’s* *”Do I need to do anything for them? Like, you know, breakfast… so on?”*

*the other male TURK laughs at Rude* Dude, concede, man… she’s gonna drink you under the table. What’dya wanna do, get sick? *flinches as Rude begins to vomit on the floor* Gross dude! *laughs loudly and downs his shot* Man, you win, lady. I’m not even gonna start over here.