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Lezprah: *flicks his tail as he initially watches. He then lifts his head as he notices the change of smell from Kalysto. His head slowly tilts to the right side as he notices that Kalysto is no longer quite “Kalysto”*

Dimitri: *Finally finishes getting dressed and notices that it is still an hour before the ShinRa building is supposed to open up. So, he quickly moves to sneak into the building. Once again, he’d slip into Phoenix’s office, taking care to make certain no one is around. He then finds the spike-head’s coffee cup before he prepares a potion-laced cup of coffee for Phoenix, leaving it on the man’s desk. As a final touch, he tries to forge Edgeworth’s writing and leaves a note that only reads “For Phoenix”. Once that is done, he slips back out of the office and heads to Edgeworth’s office, wanting to wait for the results there*