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Dimitri: *jogs over to one of the chairs on the side of Sephiroth’s chair. He then climbs up into it before he glances over at Sephiroth* Just want to wait here. His plane is coming soon, right? He is coming? He didn’t cancel, did he..? *his wings sag as he thinks over his last question*

Lezprah: *his mist suddenly rushes out of several of the small mice holes in the walls. Soon after, his mist slithers through the living room before it forms over where Mahret is. Once it forms a cloud over Mahret, he drops about two dozen mice of various ages and sizes on top of the felhunter* ~I better hunter.~ *grins then rematerialized so that he can hop onto the couch in the living room*

Desiree: *chuckles* Of course it feels like my house, Droozun. What a silly thing to say. *she then blinks as she hears the thunder of thumps from the falling mice. She then groans and shakes her head* Umm… you guys eat those, ok?