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Desiree: Ok, but only if you stop moving around and stay put! Or I will knock you out myself! *shakes her head before she gets to her feet so that she can walk into the kitchen. Once there, she begins setting up tea for Kalysto. She expertly uses the herb to flavor the tea*

Dimitri: *doesn’t notice that most of the sites that Edgeworth are trying to visit aren’t working. Instead, he keeps his focus on the Prosecutor. He then slowly nods* Yea, we didn’t get much here. It good to be kept safe by Mother and Father. *if Edgeworth becomes really determined to mine information from the internet, he may find Centra’s database, which is deeply hidden and would normally not be found. However, with most sites going down, her database would become more prominent. Within Centra’s database are detailed logs of activities that Jenna has encountered on Earth, Gaia, and several other planets*