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Kat Aclysm

Rhyderi: *grits his teeth* I am a Paladin, a Holy Warrior of the Light, and I have sworn to protect the weak, the young, and the innocent! And if by extention, those weak, innocent happen to be humans, then SO BE IT. *He charges at her again, at least until he is hit in the face with flying Felhunter. Both of them fall over in a heap*

Droozun: *breathes his last and dies from blood loss and injury*

Kalysto: *stands up, brushing the leaves off himself* Well that was rather cheap… *raises his hands and strikes a rather odd pose, channelling a tornado of fire towards Clawina* Roast in peace! *Cackles insanely, baring his teeth as he laughs and grins*

Sephiroth: *glares back at Kalysto and Rhyderi* Where do you idiots pick up such idiotic phrases from… *sighs and attempts to break into Clawina’s mind. If successful, he would begin trying to flood her mind, trying to pry into her memories and bring them to the surface, wanting to take her own nightmares and use them against her*