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Jenna: ~I usually knock Clawina out. The moment that the feline queen is in some sort of grave state, Seferia will move in, take her, and leave. I’ve seen it happen several times.. You’ll probably be able to make her pass out with your psychic abilities.~ *she straightens up then glances at the other two occupants in the shelter*

Clawina: *stumbles back as her nose makes a crunching noise do to being smacked by the butt of the sword. However, she straightens up soon after. Reaching up to wipe away the blood from her nose, she grins at Rhyderi then shakes her head* My Lord will not permit a being such as you to kill me. Now, stand down. You are no human, but if you continue to protect them, I shall consider you no better than them.

Seferia: *bites down a few times on Droozun. She then flings the felhunter at Rhdyeri, wanting to knock him off his feet*