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Seferia: *grits her teeth as she sees that the battle isn’t going the way that she nor her queen wanted. So, she hunches down slightly. Soon after, her body begins to bulge and deform as she shifts between the two forms. At first, it appears that her dragon properties are literally ripping out of the human shape. After the first bit of changes, she begins growing in size, easily dwarfing the dead bronze near her as she forms. Also, her scales ripple as they form and harden on her body*

Clawina: *There is a second presence along with Clawina while Droozun bites at her. So, if he is not careful, he might bite into a surge of “holy” power instead of anything that stems directly from Clawina. Meanwhile, Clawina cockily smiles as Rhdyeri stabs through her foot* I have already endured the trials of pain for my lord. Your feeble attempts will not deter me from our cause. *She then swings out to bash her blade into Rhyderi’s chest*