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Kat Aclysm

Rhyderi: *lowers Quel’serrar as well as his head, raising his gauntlets as Seferia comes at him with a flurry of attacks, making his armor take most of the damage. Because of the ferocity and friction of the blades on armor, there would be a lot of sparks flying as sword clashes many times against the armor’s surface, friction wearing it down*

*meanwhile a couple of the soldiers on the roof begin taking swipes at Clawina. The bronze drakes are quite angry over the fact that one of their comrades has fallen, as well of the fact of keeping the fates aligned where they should be. Thus, the mounted elves on the roof advance on the feline, the Drakes striking out at her from both sides with their maws, intending to bite into her*

Kalysto: *”Des, get the kids to safety with your mother. I’m gonna go burn shit up outside.”*