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Kat Aclysm

Rhyderi: *”I have my fellow elven Knights of the Silver Blade ready and waiting. Our unit of twenty-five strong can be there within three minutes. The unit consists of warriors and fist fighters. Their psychic talents are all better than my own, and they all have the threads of magic flowing through their veins. I hand chose them because they have the best chance of becoming Paladins themselves. Hold out until then.”* *summons his Bronze Drake from it’s space in the time-rift, summoning 24 more of them for the other elven warriors to ride. After that, the fleet takes to the air and begins to fly towards the army barracks, probably already visible from Clawina’s vantage point on the roof*

Sephiroth: *begins to laugh* Do you honestly think I would expand out beyond this island? I don’t care what happens off this territory. If you walk away and leave this island behind you, I won’t even bother to persue you when you leave. I won’t consent to what you are doing, but I can’t say I care about the world outside of my own domain. All I care about is my family and preserving the peaceful way of life here.