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Franziska: *scowls then whips Edgeworth* Foolish fool of a foolish man! Didn’t you listen to me?! He’s… The courthouse. It exploded. *narrows her eyes then whips Edgeworth yet again, as if she could beat the knowledge into him* He’s dead.

Jenna: *glances back at Sephiroth then nods* Very well. *She then moves closer to Seferia and looks into her eyes, or rahter, the glasses* What do you want?

Seferia: *remains completely calm and passive as Jenna comes to her location. She then lowers her head to lock her focus on the mage* I come to offer my thanks for your work during these last decades. In return, I will give you an offer. Forfeit the lives of all humans living on this island, and I shall provide safety from the war. We will not touch this land.