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Jenna: *just closes her eyes, not really too concerned about what Cancer is doing. Instead, she concentrates on making herself comfortable*

Seres: *is currently sleeping in peace in her room. Sephiroth would only find that her mind is strained, but there is no damage to the girl*

Franziska: Well, we do have an entire table here, Miles Edgeworth. I am certain one of these fools will manage to find the taste to appreciate the vino. *she then grins* There is also no age limit set on this land yet… *she then narrows her eyes at Phoenix before she pulls her whip taunt in a threatening manner* Whip-lady has a name! It is Franziska von Karma. Remember it well.

Dimitri: *Frowns as he notices the dancers* They probably shouldn’t have wasted money on that…