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Kat Aclysm

Cancer: Really? *picks up the remote and flips back to the other channel* I like this show, even though it’s a rerun. The twist at the end of this one is particularly annoying. **picks up a graphics card up off the floor, mulling it over for a few moments before screwing it in place. She mutters something angrily as her screw slips and clatters into the case, and liquifies her hand to grab it back out*

Edgeworth: No, I wasn’t being forgetful. I was being polite. Somebody usually comes around with the bottle. I cannot finish this off by myself.

*after several moments of settling, the sound of drums begins to aggressively play. Three dancers, heavily clad in weavings and traditional island garb come out and begin dancing to the drum beats. One of them begins to twirl fire sticks and another dances around with a mask on*

Phoenix: I don’t know what’s more scary… this dance or Mia. *eyes off Franziska* Or whip-lady…