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Kat Aclysm

Phoenix: *there is a sudden loud thump on the door as he knocks. Shortly afterwards he bangs on the window nearest the door, calling out* Hey Edgeworth, it’s me. Happy Christmas!

Edgeworth: *furrows his brows with tiredness, then goes to the door to answer it* Hello, Wright. *steps aside to let him in* Don’t stay long. I have chores to do.

Phoenix: On Christmas Day? On your break? No way, take time off and celebrate! *drops a six-pack of cheap beer onto the coffee table and then a large paper bag* This is for you. *grins at Dimitri* Oh hey there. I was hoping you were here. *opens the paper bag he was carrying and takes out a present to give to the boy*

Zach: At the least, they can reset your foot and put it in a proper cast.