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Jenna: *has several injuries on her person. The most obvious ones are her mangled right foot that has suffered several crushed bones near the ankle area. Then, there’s her left shoulder, that was bitten into such that bone shows at points. Her chest sports several long scratches and her wings also have several tatters through the membrane. She did, however, manage to keep her torso from receiving much injury, mostly because she is fully aware that she’s pregnant and wanted to try to prevent any injury to the fetus. Moreover, she’s suffering a fever because Berserk’s saliva carries a toxin that would be deadly to most beings. However, her current form is fighting off the toxin*

Dimitri: *slowly moves to pull back one of his wings to look at Edgeworth. He frowns as he tries to think of what to say. Eventually he softly mutters* I’m hungry..