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Dimitri: *releases a faint eep out of fear and surprise as Miles hits the brakes. However, he doesn’t really comment. He just keeps his eyes focused downward. He numbly mumbles as they reach the ShinRa building* Dinner was ruined..

By the time that Sephiroth arrives at the restaurant, everyone had evacuated the dining area. Within the dining area is three figures, the mangled form of the woman that Berserk had torn apart upon entering the premises, Jenna, and Berserk.

Jenna is pressed up against the wall of the restaurant and has her eyes closed. There are a few more claw marks on her body than there was before. Also, her shoulder had been bitten down to the point that it is showing bone. She is still in her hybrid from and is holding a rather large handgun in her right hand.

Meanwhile, Berserk is laying a short distance away from Jenna. His jaw had been broken during his attack with Jenna, for she had actually manged to pull it open so far that it snapped. He also has severe damage to his eye and throat, for Jenna had shot him several times in the head before they both collapsed out of consciousness.