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Berserk: *leaps through the hole that he created with the Jenna-shaped projectile only a moment ago. Upon entering the restaurant, he leaps onto a fleeing female and begins to bite and claw her. His intentions are fully to maul and kill and not to eat at all*

Jenna: *scowls in pain, a bit dazed from having hit her head against the wall. However, she frowns as she hears the noise surrounding her, so she slowly flips over and stands up, despite the fact that she’s injured. Upon noticing that Berserk has followed her, she hisses in annoyance before she fully spreads out her eighteen foot wing-span and begins to frantically twitch her right wing in order to get his attention*

Dimitri: *yelps at the sight of the blood. He then tries to grab onto Edgeworth, wanting to get him to safety*