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Jenna: South America, huh? *shakes her head* I doubt you would manage that. Remember, Earth isn’t like Gaia. It isn’t one harmonious planet with only one government. South America alone has over fifteen governments, each which frequently have coups. Heh, getting that entire continent to join together under your rule will probably be next to impossible. *tilts her head as she catches onto a new smell in the area* Having a visitor today?

If anyone, such as Edgeworth, were to start looking online for the newest rumors concerning Sephiroth’s families, one would some come across a rumor mill concerning Jenna. Apparently, there have been a number of people who have found old newspaper clippings, dating well into the mid 1800s that show images of a woman that looks like Jenna. Some are clearer than others, but there are people wondering if the woman is indeed Jenna. Those that think it is Jenna are wondering how old she is.