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Kat Aclysm

Zulmire: *glares at the flea, then down at the Felhunter* Where ‘da hell was it? *shakes his head* ‘Dere be a flower ‘dat grow on da isles near Sen’jin. It probably elsewhere too… be askin’ your resident alchemist ’bout ‘dem. It be called a chrysanthemum. It really good at killin’ insects. Get a bunch o’ dem, cut em up, an boil em until dey dissolve. ‘Den put de liquid in her fur. Should keel every bitin’ insect on her.

Mahret: *scratches her side again, then turns her maw away to bite at her side, snarling*

Rhyderi: Oh, right. Of course. *steps back from Jenna to stretch his limbs, curling his arms over his head to stretch them out, pulling the arms across his body to slowly stretch the bicep and tricep mucles, soon moving onto his legs* Mind you, this is not necessary. I’m a Sin’dorei. It’s not going to affect me a great deal if I pull something – it would heal readily.