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Dimitri: Oh… Ok.. *shrugs and looks over the menu. He then points at the listing for meatball sub* Want that. *he then grabs another stack of papers from Sephy’s desk. After flipping the page, he completely blanches. The group that Dimitri had grabbed is an endorsement for a new TURK from Reno. The second page includes a full-body pin-up of the wutaian woman who is only “wearing” a rather large shotgun. There is a note tagged along with the pin-up that states that Reno is very impressed with her assets*

Jenna: *moves into the back of the shop so that she can try on the dress and make certain it fits. Soon enough, she moves out to where Kalysto is once more, this time wearing the dress. She also has her wings out to make certain that the entire ensemble works* Hmm… *studies the dress*