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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth snorted. “She’s been missing for days without telling us where she was. She’s negated any chance for an apology. If anything she needs to apologise to us for worrying us.” This is a battle of wills. Don’t bow to it.”

“And no, I don’t see that elf with women – why is that even relevant to the topic?” He growled in annoyance.

Milena gently set the container of pancake batter next to Desiree’s elbow on the table. “Orphy hungry. He want some.”

Kalysto stepped back into the room, wearing nothing but the robe ‘he’ had left the room in and a pair of slippers. The spiky haired female stood in the doorway, looking edgy as she headed for the stove again.

“Don’t hassle your mother, Milena. I’ll cook it.” She snatched up the container and headed for the stove once more.

Milena stared at Kalysto. The strange new woman smelled like her father, but it was clearly female. She backed under the table to hide and began to softly cry, afraid and confused.

Fortunately for both Seres and Rhyderi, he kept a large ice-pack in the freezer for injuries. Meanwhile, Rhyderi shifted onto the bed properly and curled up, unaware of what Seres was up to.

“He’s probably just… being protective… in a really over-authoritative vicious manner…”