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“So…,” Jenna shut off the shower and grabbed a towel. Soon enough, she walked into the bedroom where Sephiroth was. “You did not apologize to her or make up with her. And what does it matter if she was or was not having sex with the elf?”

“Yes, he punched you out because he saw my bra in your hair, by the looks of it. My father is… way too protective. Hrmph,” Seres shook her head as she reached in to help Rhyderi to his bed. “I guess with the way your hair is at the moment… but that still was not a good reason at all. Stupid Father.”

Orpheus released a whine as he saw the empty plate being shoved to him. “I don’t want this… There nothing here. That not good.”

Desiree shook her head at Milena’s attitude. Still, she didn’t stop her from helping herself to the refrigerator. Instead, she simply kept an eye on her daughter as she munched on her own breakfast.