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Jenna had been showering when Sephiroth came home. Since she had not been ready to pay attention to him, it took her a second to process what he said.

“What? You found her? Where is she? Did you bring her home? Did you at least appologize and fix this mess you made?” she called out over the roar of water from her shower.

Desiree released a sigh of relief as Rhyderi came to. “My father… He came in here, saw you, and punched you out because he thought that we were having sex… Hrmph, he said he expected me to make the moves on you. What nonsense.”

Desiree nodded at Kalysto as he left the room. However, she quickly reached out to grab Milena’s hand and stop her from partaking of her food. “I haven’t even started eating yet, Milena. You may not have my food. You can wait.”

Meanwhile, Orpheus stumbled into the room, for he had recently woke up. His hair and clothes were a mess, since the little boy knew little about dressing and grooming himself. Instead, he climbed up onto a chair. As he sat down, he looked around for any signs of food for himself.