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Kat Aclysm

“I like to have the TV on all night.” Rhyderi sulked. “This is my house. I can do what I like within reason. You’re a guest here, so learn to live with it.” He yelped as the bra came at him and it sailed over his head, the hooks snagging the back of his hair where it stayed. He didn’t notice where the bra had gone.

“That was cheap.” Rhyderi waved a finger at her.

Sephiroth wandered through the northern part of the island, scanning the area for signs of Seres. However, with so many people in the area and Seres suppressing her own life-energy signal, it was like looking for just another face in a crowd. It was at that moment that he sensed the life-energy of Rhyderi, the elf that was partnered to work with Seres. He figured that he may have a good idea of where the girl was hiding.

“I’ll make him talk.” He snorted as he teleported, appearing behind Rhyderi. When he saw Seres, he was relieved. Then he saw the bra stuck in Rhyderi’s hair, also noticing his hair was in utter disarray. There was only one conclusion he could draw from that. He swung his fist, clubbing Rhyderi in the side of the head. The elf went down hard and hit the floor, quite knocked out by the blow. Sephiroth stepped over the elf and snarled at Seres.

“You’re coming home. Jenna has been looking for you for days.”

“I didn’t give her coffee, holy shit.” Kalysto frowned. “She’s only five!” He began making more pancakes in the frying pan. He grinned when Desiree came in close to him for a hug. “I hope you know that Baney is still on my back. So careful you don’t crush him.”