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“Ah, that’s a real good dish,” Seres nodded in appreciation. “You’ll like it. I’m going to go with the steamed crab basket.”

She grinned at Rhyderi. “And yes, I’ll treat since I said I would from the start.” She reached over to playfully tap the tip of his nose. “So, don’t you worry about the finances.”

Thus, Seres happily ordered her food and enjoyed her dinner with Rhyderi. She treated him in nothing less than a friendly, near sibling-like manner for the remainder of the night. However, she did promise him that she would soon put him through the paces of learning how to deal with women, for he had no good reasons to be afraid of them.

That night, she retired to Rhyderi’s bed and happily rested without fear of a angry father bashing in her door.

Meanwhile, Jenna had spent most of the night glaring at Sephiroth and reminding him that she was done searching for their wayward daughter. She had run out of ideas as to where to look, and was now passing the problem to the temperamental man that scared her off.

As for Desiree, she slept, but it was more fretful. Her mind was still overloaded from thinking about all that Kalysto had asked of her. She just did not know whether this would work or what to do with it. However, she loved it when Kalysto was happy. So, she was going to make him happy.