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Seres groaned at Rhyderi. ~Let’s try to keep this silent, ok. Don’t want someone over hearing, huh?~ She gave Rhyderi a small smirk before she nodded at him. ~Ok, the childhood girls probably had a crush on you. You know, I’ve heard of kids beating on each other because they weren’t taught how to show crushes properly. You shouldn’t put that against all women, ok?

~Now, for the women that were warriors. Well, from what I know, the blue women weren’t on your side, right? So, there you go. The other ones were just mentally insane. Not all women are like that, sheesh.

~Look at our waitress again. Does it look like she can hold much more than a kitchen knife, huh? No. All she that she is would be a meek woman who works for a living. And based off her smell, she has a boyfriend that she goes with every night. I doubt she thinks anything about you other than you being a customer.~

Seres picked up her own menu. ~I think the only woman you actually need to fear on this island is my mother, and she is happily married. But I’ve heard that when she takes hit jobs… well, she’s told us of some interesting tactics she uses to kill people. But that’s all business to her. Unless you actually piss her off.~