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Kat Aclysm

Rhyderi reached up to place a hand on his brow, lowering his head. “Ugh, you don’t even want to know…”

He began muttering in a low voice as he flipped through the menu. “It’s always been that way. In my kindergarten class there was Jacinta, an arrogant little blonde girl with parents who were both Farstriders.. er… Archers, as you would probably be more familiar with.” He snorted. “She used to try and beat me down at any opportunity she got. Once, she broke my nose after we got into a fist-fight.”

He began thinking harder. “Then there was Mariann, a violent lady who liked to knock me off my feet at every opportunity she got during sparring practise. Claria, another scary lady, a rogue. I was always was watchful for her… she would sneak up and punch me in the back. Used to call me careless. She said one day she would kill me but she never actually tried.”

“Then there was Kaeli, Morgan, Staefia… all the women in the Guard who liked to try and beat me down…” He was quiet for a moment as he continued to think. “The Guard women at Falcon Watch, the blue ladies with hooves in Shattrath who liked to yell at me, the females in the Blood Knight Sanctum who think they were superior to everyone….” He glared at Seres. “…yes. Women like that definitely want to kill me.”