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Seres rolled her eyes at Rhyderi’s complaints. “Yea, yea. You still should know the basics. Like you don’t wear a dress shirt, with casual pants and ratty sneakers. It just looks plain bad. You don’t need to be at the top of fashion to know that much.”

Still, she followed after Rhyderi, for she had no reason not to.

Jenna gave Kalysto a wry smirk. “Many have claimed such, yes. However, I shall allow for you to decide on that matter on your own. Now…”

Jenna glanced around for a bit before she sat down in a chair so that she could start using her magic to manipulate the metal in her hands and form it into an ornate necklace-based amulet. She permitted the metal to have the width of old-style necklaces, akin to those worn by Egyptian royalty. She also began to etch runes into the metal as she worked.

As the amulet formed, Jenna made the focal metal area be a container that would need to be refilled in time. This part, when completed would be filled by Kalysto’s potion.