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“What I am proposing will need your potions on hand. It will wear off in time. I would guess it’d last a month or so, maybe. I do not know. Use your potion on yourself if you wish. I do not care. However, you shall be my guinea pig for now,” Jenna coldly explained.

~Stop focusing on the dumb male that called our daughter a bitch. I am more interested in where our daughter is. You do know that she ran off because of you! I’ve tried the army quarters, the lawyers, and now Desiree’s place. She is no where in sight and has been missing for two days because of your damn overreaction.~

“Your dragon, right?” Seres attempted. “Yea, I’ve seen it.. her. But that’s fine. I dont’ care. We can even walk there.”

Seres then looked back at Rhyderi again. “And I wasn’t talking about the coloring. It’s just… you’re too dressed up. Do you even know how to do casual without having trashed clothes?”