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“That does sound rather… Umm… disturbing. I’m glad that someone was able to explain it to you though. However…,” Seres pressed her lips together as she thought for a moment. “Umm… Do we even have anything that would work for you? I mean… You have got to have different blood than what comes from Earth humans and Gaean humans. Hell, they have enough trouble getting the proper blood for the two groups as it is. Then there’s my kind, which we all have to look to my father for donations… Are you going to tackle your brother or something?”

“And I’m glad you like the television. I went for the best I could find.”

Desiree gave Kalysto a stern frown. “You have had more color to your skin than you have at the moment, Kalysto. You’ve seriously been avoiding sunlight…”

Releasing a sigh, Desiree decided to let her husband eat in peace. Instead, she sauntered over to the bed so that she could fluff the pillows.